At Truworth, apart from following SDLC model. We follow Agile Methodologies to develop software. Salient features of Agile Methodologies are:



Truworth offers rich expertise in providing a comprehensive range of mission critical testing services by giving end-to-end, high quality and quick turnaround testing solutions

The team is responsible for the quality of the applications used in the development process. Each application goes through the process of testing as per well developed checklists and thus able to increase the quality of our clients? Products while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs.

Our Process:Truworth offers Quality Assurance and testing services supporting clients? Testing needs across the application development. The primary goal of Truworth is to achieve continuous high quality and productivity. The maturing our development process required implementation of multiple key practices, which direct specific actions affecting quality throughout the process. The application goes through various types of testing like Validation testing, functional testing, performance testing, load testing, stress testing, usability testing and more. Once the bugs are removed, optimization issues and other quality concerns are fixed by the developers. The application is tested by the Quality team again to make sure each and every issue is fixed. This process continues till all issues are closed successfully.

To manage this process, we have a comprehensive quality and bug management system which is open to testers, developers and clients thus making a transparent system.

  • People oriented rather than process oriented

Agile methods assert that no process will ever make up the skill of the development team, so the role of a process is to support the development team in their work.

  • Early (Short) Releases

Intermediate versions of working software give the best indication of meeting end-users' expectations. This is especially true when the client is un-certain of the requirements. Thus, agile methods stress that working software must be released for review early and repeatedly, in short iterative cycles.

  • Client collaboration Clients are a part of the development team

Development teams following agile methods always include the client as a team member. Extensive collaboration, transparency and trust amongst all the key stake holders is essential to successfully develop software using agile techniques.

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